Passiflora 'Snow Queen'

Pure white beauty

Breeder Myles Stewart Irvine with the ‘Snow Queen’ Natalia Walaszek

Passiflora ‘Snow Queen’ PVR

A Riverside® Passiflora Hybrid

Genus & Species: Passiflora cultivar

Protection Status:

August 2018 U.S. Plant Patent No. 29,608 granted by USPTO

January 2018 Plant Breeders Rights (48,160) Granted by CPVO

RIVERSIDE® is a Registered Trademark

USDA Zone: 8b Min -8°C 18°F
Bloom: Large pure white flowers with striking strong filaments.
Bloom Time: Late Spring to late Autumn
Foliage: Attractive large shiny dark green leaves, strong veins, sometimes three lobed, usually 5-lobed
Habit: A large, vigorous vine
Propagation: By cuttings
Culture: Best grown in a free-draining soil in a sunny position
Uses: Pots, Containers, Garden Border, walls and trellises, modern landscape

Widely available throughout Europe, UK, Canada, USA & beyond.

Plantarium Trade Fair 2017 Riverside Hybrids Passiflora ‘Damsel’s DelightPassiflora ‘Snow Queen’ both selected for the prizewinning FleuraTerraza range by Dutch climber specialists Van der Starre.

HTA National Plant Show 2017 Shrubs and Climbers Gold Award and best in category –
Presented by Newey PPL

Characteristics of Passiflora ‘Snow Queen’ PVR

Passiflora ‘Snow Queen’ PVR is a vigorous and spectacular climber which uses tendrils to cling to its host plant or support. This is a spectacular newly released garden worthy hybrid which thrives well in a wide range of conditions. The complex flowers are produced from late Spring onwards and the biblical connections always make them a talking point. Strong flower up to 12cm in diameter, corona filaments up to 8cm, lovely strong scent, reflexes; stays open for several days.

Key Features

  • syn. Hardy Passion Flower
  • Position: Thrives best in sun
  • Soil: Most garden soils but appreciates good drainage
  • Flowers: Late Spring onwards
  • Flower colour: White
  • Habit: Hardy evergreen climber
  • Height: 3m or more
  • Leaves: Green

Closest Variety and Key Differences
Passiflora ‘Snow Queen’ PVR is a stunning, hardy, pure white polyploid hybrid which is a great improvement on the ever popular P. ‘Constance Eliott’, which has smaller flowers with a green tinge to the centre, and is more prone to virus problems. As well as greater flower size, the leaves and petiole glands as seen in the Gallery above are distinctive and can be used to differentiate Passiflora ‘Snow Queen’ PVR from other white flowered Passiflora hybrids. Occasional large decorative green fruit ripening to yellow orange, fruit inedible. It flowers even as a small cutting, holds on to its leaves well over winter and produces many flowers a day for months on end. In the right conditions it will flower year round.