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“Our vision is to supply growers with hardy and distinct polyploid hybrids. This ensures that the hybrids which we release are easy to care for, vigorous, hardy, free-flowering and spectacular.”

Myles Stewart Irvine

Myles Stewart Irvine

Riverside® Passiflora breeder

Myles has been growing Passiflora for over 30 years, releasing a number of hybrids over that time. The best have been selected for worldwide distribution as the Riverside® Passiflora.

He created the Passiflora Online site back in the year 2000, started the Passiflora Online Facebook Group in 2007 and published and edited the free to download Passiflora Online Journal.

He also grows Agaves, Aloes, Bananas, Cacti, Cycads, Euphorbia, Lithops, Palms and more, plus is the food dispenser for Gilbert Gecko.

Art by Sandra R Schulze

Stunning art by Sandra R Schulze Photography. Featuring amongst other things two Riverside Passiflora “Snow Queen’ white flowers.

Passiflora Snow Queen Devon garden

A great pic and lovely testimonial on Twitter from Steve at Devon Subtropical Garden. The cheque is in the post!

‘Plants that excite!’

Hardier Passiflora. The captivating flowers of Passiflora make them desirable plants, especially given an increasing range of fairly hardy selections. An article that I wrote for the RHS ‘The Garden’ magazine June 2020 issue. Download PDF here.

Hardy Passiflora article