December 2019

A fun day out at Kew Gardens with Mattias Lanas and Andrew Crosson. First the Princess of Wales Conservatory, then lunch with Carlos Magdalena and a tour of the Tropical Nurseries, including the Passiflora Collection, followed by a quick whizz round the Temperate House. In the background of the pic in flower is Ramosmania rodriguesii, a wild coffee known as the Café Marron. From the island of Rodrigues it is one of the world’s rarest plants and has extraordinary hererophylous foliage. That is that the juvenile lower leaves and adult higher leaves are quite different to avoid tortoise predation.

November 2019

It’s that time of year. Some Passiflora and other plants outside wrapped up with bubble wrap and fleece, and others bought into the kitchen to overwinter. The Passiflora, including some rare species, will be kept pretty dry and watered sparingly from underneath.

October 2019

DevonSubtropical Tweeting singing the praises of Passiflora ‘Snow Queen’ on BBC Devon with Toby Buckland. 40 flowers a day in October is not bad at all.

September 2019

Back to Kew Gardens again to see Carlos Magdalena and Passiflora enthusiast Graeme Boocock visiting from Canada. Plus me posing plus rare species P. boenderiiP. gritensis & P. loefgrenii ‘Iporanga’.

August 2019

Catching up with Carlos Magdalena at Kew Gardens & Matthew Pottage RHS Wisley where Passiflora ‘Snow Queen’ is putting on a great show in the Exotic Garden.

July 2019

Great fun at the Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival with Ann Morling. Checked out Tynings Nursery and Hampshire Carnivorous Plants.

Carlos Magdalena
Carlos Magdalena

June 2019

Exciting to see Passiflora ‘Snow Queen’ being sold by Waitrose Garden and a great hardiness report from Glasgow, coming though -8C with flying colours.

May 2019

Always nice to see new labels as the Riverside® Passiflora Hybrids start popping up in large numbers in local nurseries. Often the only Passiflora stocked other than the Common Passion Flower Passiflora caerulea.

Carlos Magdalena

April 2019

Fun Easter visit on the hottest day of the year with Ann & Lucy Morling to Royal Botanic Gardens Kew. Lunch with Carlos Magdalena and spotted Passiflora emarginata in flower in the Princess of Wales Conservatory.. Fabulous.

Carlos Magdalena
Passiflora emarginata
Easter Flowers
Passiflora Snow Queen Squires Garden Centre Poster

March 2019

Great to see some terrific new labels for 2019 for the Riverside® hybrids Passiflora ‘Damsel’s Delight’ and Passiflora ‘Snow Queen’. Both hardy hybrids. Pic ©Tim Scrijver.

Damsel's Delight Snow Queen labels

February 2019

Great catch up at Wags N Tales With Passiflora enthusiast Martin Murray, wife Jen and the two Basset Hound pups, Oscar and Rosie!

Martin and Jen Murray

January 2019

Here’s a bit of fun. A band called Passiflora from Costa Rica have released a track called Riverside! Very good it is too. Listen to it and buy here.

Riverside Passiflora Band
Riverside Passiflora album cover
Riverside Passiflora cover

Riverside® Passiflora Hybrids

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